Indica Vs Sativa Vs Hybrid : Cannabis Strain Types

Cannabis is an easy herb to grow when you're ready to put it under the right conditions. By going through the genesis of this plant, we can see that there were only two groups of Marijuana known: Indica and Sativa Strains. The Hybrid Strains group was born shortly after. Nowadays, following several experiments and crossings carried out, it is not easy to find in a dispensary 100% Indica, Sativa or Hybrid Strains.

As a consumer, you have already wondered about the difference that may exist between its varieties. Below is the difference between Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid we have established for you to light up your lantern:



Indica Strains

Indica strains are small plants but with powerful effects on the physique. This is the reason why many smokers consume this category before going to bed.

Sativa Strains

Sativa strains are known by their large size. These cannabis are good energizers, produce brain effects and they are also good for relieving stress and increasing creativity.

Hybrid Strains

Cannabis breeders who have thought of developing Hybrid strains, have crossed Sativa and Indica with the ultimate goal of detecting its potency or impact. Consumers who want to boost their inspiration or develop their creativity can consume Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis. And those who want to get high and glued to the bed, consume Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis.

Indica vs Sativa

Indica Sativa
Sleep aid Hallucinogenic
Reduce pain and Anxiety People feel more energetic
Stress reliever Increase Creativity
Stimulate Appetite Relieves Depression
Experience of body buzz Mind dominant high

Choosing The best Marijuana Strain

Many new marijuana users find it difficult to choose among the different strains of cannabis when in a dispensary. Each variety has several unique products. Customers or consumers of marijuana buy these products for a variety of reasons. In this article we are going to list some things to take into account before buying a weed.

  • The Budget: It's good to have a base price in mind when you go to a dispensary. This will help you make a choice based on the money you have. Do not stress at all because there are very good quality products for all resources.
  • Medical Benefits: Many people come to clinics to buy medical cannabis that can help relieve certain illnesses or migraines, pain, depression and stress. These usually have a prescription from a doctor so they know what they need.
  • Sleeping aid: If you have problems with insomnia, you can consume certain cannabis plants. They will take you straight to bed just for a short time. And it will be a good time for you to relax your muscles.
  • An energizer: Some marijuana is bred to provide a good dose of energy to the human body. It can help motivate you when you are working out, making tasks a little harder.
  • Flavor and Aroma: All cannabis leaves have delicious flavors and aromas. Now depending on your tastes and allergies, you can make a choice among the products that will be in front of you.

In view of all this, you will notice that it is still important or even useful to be able to learn about the different cannabis products before purchasing. The more information you have, the easier and faster the choice will be.