Weed Wax

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Weed Wax

Wax is a marijuana concentrate that has gotten dynamically popular on school grounds over the span of the latest five years. It has moreover been found in the responsibility for at the auxiliary school level, and is suggested as weed wax, spotting, contacts or butane hash oil (BHO), which explains its 710 slang term (the number 710 spells oil upside down and in switch).

Weed wax appears as it sounds: A tenacious, syrup-like substance that is adequately solid to hold its structure on a level surface after it’s cooled. It is ordinarily tinted yellow and may be kept on weed wax paper (straightforwardly after it’s been made) or in little holders.

Marijuana Shatter

Marijuana Shatter is a translucent–sometimes direct concentrate that looks a horrible bundle like stone treats or a Jolly Rancher. Much equivalent to various concentrates conveyed using butane, it is made by driving the compound through cannabis material to make a brilliant liquid

How Do You Use Wax and Shatter?

Shatter and wax are both expended utilizing a dabbing rig. A dab rig is essentially an adjusted bong who’s bowl obliges a dab nail rather than bud nugs.