Sour Diesel Oil
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Sour Diesel Oil SD

cannabis terpenes profile Sour Diesel (Chemdawg x Super Skunk) of Cali Terpenes, from 100% organic (botanic) origin, is ideal to add aroma, flavor and to increase the benefits of all types of products.

Sour Diesel Oil

The cannabis terpenes profile of Sour Diesel from Cali Terpenes is a perfect mixture of terpenes, with exactly the same aromatic profile of an extraction of terpenes of the famous marihuana variety Sour Diesel (Chemdawg x Super Skunk).
Sugaree terpenes act in synergy with cannabinoids by modulating its effect and providing a stimulating and amusing feeling. Ideal for improving your mood, relieving stress and some pains.

Price: $60.00 per gram